The Leatherhead Club


Our Green Keepers work hard day in, day out, 365 days a year to maintain the course to its best. Our 18-hole course set in the Surrey parklands, surrounded by beautiful Oak woodlands, ensures our Green Keepers are kept busy. All of us at The Leatherhead Club strive to ensure our greens and woodlands are well preserved to guarantee the best round of golf and to help create a sustainable environment for the surrounding nature and wildlife. Alongside this, we aim to promote the green keeping industry, team work and inspire individuals to progress and develop. 

We invite you to meet our wonderful Green Keeper team…

Meet the team 

Name: Jack Percival 
Title: Course Manager 
Age: 29
Length of Service: 11 years
Favourite job on the course: Tournament set up and spraying
Dream holiday destination: Dubai
Name: Tom Asbury
Title: Gardener 
Age: 36
Length of Service: ¾ Years
Favourite job on the course: Striping Tee boxes, Strimming and Blowing
Hobbies: Fishing and Football
Name: Jeffery Chambers  
Title: Greenkeeper      
Age: 61
Length of Service: 43 years
Favourite job on the course: Pedestrian cutting greens 
Hobbies: Watching Horse Racing 
Name: Johnny Hooper
Title: Greenkeeper
Age: 17
Length of Service: 6 months 
Favourite job on the course: Rolling Greens
Dream holiday destination: Barbados 

Name: David Allen
Title: Greenkeeper
Age: 51
Length of Service: 34 years
Favourite job on the course: Anything that visually improves the course
Name: Ryan Wilcox
Title: Trainee Greenkeeper
Age: 19
Length of Service: 6 months
Favourite job on the course: Raking Bunkers
Hobbies: Football and cleaning cars

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